Brenda Ewers-Nordhues – Nebraska Nursing Home Administrator of the Year

Brenda Ewers-Nordhues – Nebraska Nursing Home Administrator of the Year

Brenda Ewers-Nordhues, Administrator at Brookefield Park in Saint Paul, NE has been named Administrator of the Year by the Nebraska Nursing Facility Association (NNFA). The Award recognizes Administrators for their outstanding contributions to the well-being of Nebraska’s nursing facility residents.

Brenda accepted the award at the NNFA/NALA Awards Banquet held on September 20 in Lincoln. During the event, Heath Boddy, President and CEO of the Nebraska Health Care Association, shared comments from those who nominated Brenda: “She exemplifies true leadership in her representation of the facility, and she’s proud of her residents, team, and the facility. She encourages teammates to continually build themselves. Brenda is a great leader, but an even better friend. It’s not unusual to see her feeding a resident or hugging a team member to let them know of a job well done or just because they need a hug. She is always professional, but can have fun at the same time. She brings a smile to everyone that walks through the facility’s door, making them feel as though they’re the most important person in her life. She continuously strives for excellence.”

Team members from Brookefield Park and Brenda’s family joined her in the celebration, as well as company founders Jack and Eldora Vetter and company president Glenn Van Ekeren. The skilled nursing and rehabilitation center was also recognized for recently receiving the Silver – National Award for Quality Care from the American Healthcare Association.

Congratulations Brenda!

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